Friday March 27, 2015

"Lies, Damn Lies and Criminal Behavior"

How could any human place money so far above the health and well being of their fellow humans that they are willing to risk the planet itself? Unfortunately the radioactive contamination industry known as "Nuclear Power" is only one of the Cadre of criminals in charge of far too many toxic materials to mention.

The biggest reason so called "Nuclear Power" needs to be watched so closely is that the results of their lack of concern for the communities they scam out of billions of dollars will face the results of this industry's criminal behavior for thousands of years to come.

The poisoning will show up decades after being consumed by the community's children and will show up as various forms of cancer, "mysterious" in origin but lethal none the less...Click Here For More

Nuclear Power Video Vault - Horror Films in the Making
The visible and scientific evidence is overwhelming, yet the world continues to propagate facilities that produce tons of radioactive waste. Waste that will be deadly toxic for more than 10,000 years. And while world corporate entities begin the process of building 25 Nuclear Power plants in China at the same time they are fomenting war in the Middle East over one country wanting the same insane Nuclear Capabilities.

It seems there is neither logic nor reason applied to the actions that surround the Nuclear Industry. A wanton disregard for the existence of humanity continues to flourish in their Garden of Greed.

So grab a bowl of popcorn and strap on your lead apron and view till you can view no more...Click Here For More

Radiation Plume Maps

Low level radiation is raining down on communities that have nuclear power plants located in them. Your best portection is awarness,but don't rely on the Nuclear Power Plants to warn you in time if a Fukushima style event takes place in your town...

There are two sets of maps available here
6 Mile Radiation Plume Maps
25 Mile Radiation Plume Maps

Years Of Maleficence By Nuclear Watchdogs
The ongoing deception perpetrated by numerous corporate overseers of nuclear power in America has created a ticking time bomb that is set to go off without notice. The lack of community responsibility demonstrated in the past in relation to public safety will only get worse since the Bush administration made sure to absolve nuclear power exploiters from any responsibility due to damage to a community even from grievous demonstrations of greed over safety.

The continued secret releases of radioactively toxic substances into the air and water of communities duped into believing in the safety of the nuclear genie helps increase the incidence of cancer in those downwind, downstream communities, especially among children. The toxins that flow from these plants are for the most part being covered up, or tacitly okayed by the NRC by their most common term, "no significant release"...

A Growing Waste Problem
The growing pile of nuclear waste created by the inefficient nuclear weapons oriented nuclear industry threatens the distant future of this planet. The state of Nevada is fighting to prevent these greedy corporate criminals from dumping this deadly waste in their backyard.

The proposed storage facility at Yucca Mountain is all but closed down after years of legal battles and the combined attempt of both the federal government and immoral nuclear industry to shove this toxic stockpile down the throats of the people of Nevada. Adding more plants to this toxic production chain is insane...

Spent Fuel USA
As of 1/1/2010 Est.

60,000 Metric Tons
Since Yucca Mt. is not available, should the communities that ok the construction of these dangerous plants be responsible for storage? Perhaps burying this deadly toxic material in their town square would be the answer.

Fines & Hush Money
The history of nuclear power administration in the United States reflects the fact the this is an industry that regulates itself. Numerous lies and misrepresentations have hidden toxic leaks and malfunctioning equipment for years. When enough public knowledge and public pressure comes to bear insipid little fines are levied for the actions of greedy corporate interests that negatively impact the health and safety of American communities.

And if that isn't enough, all these relatively small fines are just passed along to the consumers of this dangerously produced electricity. Shouldn't the people lying to the NRC be responsible for the fines? If CEO's started getting personally fined for these dangerous and greedy acts of deception perhaps they would stop, but until then, these very expensive electrical production facilities will continue to threaten the future of this planet...

Plume Fall Out Maps
Plume types are important because they help us understand under what conditions there will be higher concentrations of contaminants at ground level.

The different plumes are created by changes in atmospheric conditions. For example, when temperature decreases upward faster than 1C / 100 m, conditions are unstable, creating a looping plume. Neutral conditions occur when temperature decreases at 1C / 100 m, and stable conditions occur when temperature increases with height, resulting in a fanning plume ... Click Here For More

Evacuation Maps & Plans
The state of planning in relation to the inevitable catastrophic accident or terrorist attack is woefully inadequate. A lack of geographic and climatic research leaves the citizens living with in fallout range of a nuclear power plant at the mercy of a tangled lattice of petty bureaucrats and wealthy industrialists.

It is of paramount importance that wind direction and speed be monitored at all reactor locations and that such information be provided by live feed through several communication outlets. The further study of geographic and climatic conditions in the area ...

Nuclear Reactor Photos

Management, Mismanagement & Corporate Greed
Whether it is a dangerously brittle reactor vessel or a tritium leak that has been kept under wraps for decades, the Crypt Keepers for the Nuclear industry make it clear who they are beholden to. And they are certainly not dedicated to the communities that have given them space to host their nefarious activities. Somehow the health and safety of the people living in the communities these corporations defecate in, is just not a concern of this amoral corporate sector.

It seems very evident that the so called leaders of "capitalism" in the United States and the world are just a group of people who place the accumulation of wealth above all other things. And the means they use to gain that wealth have no limit or regulation that will stand in their way. Cleary the criminals in charge of the major corporations should be held to the same principles the rest of us are...